Tips For Finding A Job In The Toy Industry

According to the latest toy industry news, business in that sector is bringing in billions of dollars and growing each year. Since toy makers depend on innovations, they are always seeking the right people to inject their business with fresh ideas and approaches. The following are some tips for anyone who is seeking a job in the toy industry.


Networking is a key component of a job search as it’s a way of letting industry professionals get to know candidates before they ever apply for a position. Attending job fairs is one way to connect with recruiters from toy companies, but it is also a good idea to participate in organizations a toy company might seek out when looking for employees. On LinkedIn, for example, there is a group called PlayGroup where a variety of professionals in the toy industry can get to know each other and share ideas.


The top toy companies are looking for individuals who know the industry well. Thus, job applicants should spend some time reading up to learn about major competitors, top trends, and major players within a given company. Hiring committees are always impressed when a candidate is obviously familiar with the team members that they will be working with and able to discuss the company’s recent achievements. Interviewees who can identify a need and propose a solution always make a strong impression.

Leverage Social Media

People who are interested in working with a particular toy company can make themselves stand out by engaging with the company’s social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s very important, however, for prospective job candidates to make sure their social media profiles look professional, with current information, a professional photo, and nothing that could create a negative impression.

Work With A Recruiter

Working with a top toy recruiter is one of the best ways to find a job in the industry. A professional recruiter can help qualified employees find out about jobs they might not see posted on a job board. The best recruiters are really matchmakers, using their in-depth knowledge of the industry and long-term relationships with companies to identify job candidates who have the right skill sets and are the right fit for the company culture.


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